Testament again present in the music industry of the world, under the giant metal label Nuclear Blast. Medio November last year, they released an album, after nine years do not enter a studio, and fly directly to the Formation of damnation that greeted warmly by the metal in various parts of the world, as well as verification Testament dedication. Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, Greg Christian, Alex Skolnick and Paul Bostaph still 'be rough' since the first time the 'cry' in 1982, a range of career that has reached a quarter century, this band does not make the loss of power.

Band Origin San Francisco, California, this is likely to want to showed the public that they are now more mature work, stay strong and still young ', and fans can crawl from the era that is far different. Although the band Metallica with a compatriot, Anthrax, Exodus, and this has had some personnel turnover, but it brings the spirit of change that never disappoint.

This looks back at the entrance guitarist Alex Skolnick, who last time strengthen Testament in 1992. A comeback that takes more than 16 years. This is certainly good news that accompanies this album, because in addition to 'bring home' Skolnick, Eric Peterson, comes back with a line of a heavy riff metalzonenya. While the rhythm section strengthened by bassis original Greg Christian and drummer Paul Bostaph who joined since 1993.

With four instrumentalis which accompany the performance of Chuck Billy, vocalist blood Cherokee Indian who was known to have a wide vocal range and reach variatif scream and growl and I can not diimitasi by other metal singer, a sense-if it seems reasonable Testament referred to as the legendary band that is not eaten accidentally era. Not surprisingly, the sale of the Formation of damnation in the United States and European market recorded a number of fantastic since early fist sunday released.

Sales figures and the public response was extraordinary, not only big name Testament that guarantee warranty. This album is presenting different variations such as vocal technique that made Chuck on earlier albums. The Formation of Single damnation, for example, sung with growl techniques as he ever did on the album The Gathering at the beginning of the year 2000 then. More Than Meets The Eye will remind us in the game vokalnya THE Ritual album in mid-1992.

Themes raised in this label variatif, the majority of issues concerning politics and globalization, which is always the anthem Testament. Track is clearly the theme of anti-terrorism and human suffering will you find in The Evil Has Landed, which is a deepens dread that they will be created with the WTC twin towers fall.

Killing Season is still there, as a reflection on the war kejamnya always bring pain, a memoirs inspired from their communication with the American soldiers in the battlefield. The Formation of damnation, a veteran who still works' loud cry 'at a young age that no longer.

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Period of three years experience Hoobastank not make many changes, at least in their style of play. FOR (N) EVER, to the four albums that appear after EVERY MAN FOR himself in the year 2006, as a 'rehearsal' of this California band origin, either the strategy or the market, clearly Doug Robb, Dan Estrin, Chris Hesse Jesse Charland, and still the same (only).

Not how, My Turn, the first single released on 13 October 2008, the band by the shelter under a subsidiary label giant Universal Music Group, Island Records hits this reconstruct their Out Of Control album of the reason. As if they want to show that they remain in the grip post grunge or more extreme again, nu metal, when in reality the majority of fans know them as pop-rock band. Not to mention, the time period long enough to make this band as' wrong 'first single select.

To two single, So Close So Far, is a combination aransemen, themes, lyrics, tempo similarity to the single (which should be honestly acknowledged making sweet demand Hoobastank) The Reason. May be a strategy? Or even 'science' is the same, considering the Howard Benson is a person who is standing behind these two albums.

Perhaps you have just heard, read or even including the rate of Hoobastank is a band that terinfluence by Incubus. Nah, the album that, according to Doug Robb is the highest manifestation of ideas' so this is clearly visible. Track to seven, Sick Of Hanging On has a lot of character and riff A Crow Left of the Murder Incubus property.

While the track number eleven, may be spelled 'eleven-twelve' with Light Grenades written by Brandon Boyd and his friends. Logikanya, if the thick feel of Silverchair Kurt Cobainnya, the band as the same came from California, Hoobastank legally-valid only take as a reference Incubus.

At least, in the FOR (N) EVER, Hoobastank successfully create a new sound-sound that original, aransemennya also create various colors, from funk to shoe gaze. One question left for the band that had one of the three sekolahan with Linkin Park, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, the era in which the music appreciation depends on three things, originalitas, packaging, bags and listeners, whether they will continue to survive

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Limp Bizkit

Old does not hear people say, hip metal band American origin, Limp Bizkit, giving good news for fans. They will be the reunion tour in some countries, this year.

In addition to reunion with the beginning of the formation consists of Fred Durst (vocal), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums) and DJ Lethal, the Limp Bizkit will release a new album.

News reunion band stated their guitarist and vocalist, Fred Durst and Wes Borland, on their site, limpbizkit.com, Friday .

"We never really understand a quarrel. However, we realize there is a strong energy and unique in this band. That is the reason why Limp Bizkit again, "he said.

Fred Durst and Wes Borland since first understand disagree. Its peak in 2001, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit and joined again in 2004 for a short time. Might be replaced by Terry Balsamo, former Evanescence guitarist.

According to the plan, they will take a tour in Europe such as Ukraine, Russia and Baltic countries.

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Chinese government gallant Oasis Concert

London - April upcoming band Oasis will perform 2 concerts in China. Unfortunately had to cancel the plan. Noel Gallagher dicekal cs Chinese government.

promoter Emma Entertainment / ticketmaster China have stopped selling tickets for Oasis concert in China. Initially there is no statement given to the committee, now all revealed.

Chinese government permission interesting stage because the band Oasis UK origin was used in the event manggung 'Free Tibet Benefit Concert' in 1997. Country Tibet up to now is still one of the Chinese colony.

"Oasis is very disappointed with the withdrawal of permission they plan a tour in China and the Chinese government's hope they rethink their decision to the fans there," said the Oasis in the statement.

In addition to the band Oasis to play some concerts in the 'Free Tibet' is Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Bjork and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although the schedule in China fall apart, Oasis will continue to stage another in Hong Kong. Indonesian to drop

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Dream Theater concert in Jakarta

Create a fans of the same rock music would not
with foreign hard group called Dream Theater. Band
that was one of the inspiration for rock musicians
world that it is reported in the near future will come by to

Inspired from various rock festival outside production
country, a group of musicians of the flow of Indonesia
association with a motorcycle will be the local
a music festival titled 'Wheel of Rock'.

A concert planned to take place on 25.26,
and 27 November will combine rock stage
with a motorcycle rally. Concept such as this many
held in the western countries especially the United States.

"This activity is inspired from the two event akbar
Woodstock is like a rock concert and
Sturgis Rally, which is an event for the
motorcyclist (Username), "said Jade Bunny
the head of the public 'Wheels of Rock' in a press meet at the Score,
Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Tuesday

In the event that was held at the Sentul Circuit,
many famous musicians of the world will be attracted to
Indonesian. They, among others, White Snake and the Dream
Theater and a Japanese group called Loudness.

Not only group outside the country, a group of rock music in
the country will also
brought to the three stage
designate the event. Musicians who plan
will be shown is, Setiawan Jhody featuring
Serambi Peace, God Bless, Boomerang, Edane, Neutral,
Suckerhead, and many more.

Range of the musicians before the committee
candidates still in the stage. From the list of musicians outside
proposed, which gives green light new Loudness,
Japanese group home.

The withdrawal of this kind in the festival abroad, the committee
also provides that the Username field can
camping. Not only that, the
it is also lobbying central Jasa Marga so on
day motor may drift in
toll road to the venue for the event.

Estimated tickets sold for this event is
Rp 150-100 ribu to three days.

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Not Available concert in Jakarta, February 27

Jakarta - After the concert had failed them in Indonesia in the mid years ago, the band origin Eislingen, Germany, Not Available ready to 'pay' debt for lovers of punk music of the country. Band of personil Dragan (vocal), Stevan (bass), Didi (guitar), Arndt (guitar) and Chris (Drum) will hold concert in Jakarta, February 27, to come.

Release from the received detikhot Tuesday (24/2/2009), the band's first concert will be held in the basketball Hall tempestuousness Bung Karno. However, the location of the concert had to move because they do not get permission from the security side. Finally selected a place that is possible and feasible in Hanggar Terrace Pancoran, Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto.

Not Available are not too popular in Indonesia. While the band has been recent 5 albums. The first album 'Blurp' in 1996 and released the album teranyar issued in 2007,'5 Aces'. Album title to-5 that will feature a concert they this time.

Pancoran in Hanggar Terrace, February 27, future, not only Not Available that will show the teeth. Various punk bands such as Indonesia Kuro, Speak Up and No Label ready to be opening act.

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London - circumgyration album illegally on the internet appears to continue to haunt the music man. This is also experienced by the band U2 classmates and performers beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

Band Irish origin, U2, should feel annoyed with their own music label Universal Music. Not prevent the occurrence of piracy artisnya album, the Universal Music Group's Australian branch even rupture of the latest U2 album 'No Line On The Horizon' on the internet. While the album is planned to be soon released on 27 February to come.

According to the Rolling Stones detikhot a quotation from NMEmusic, the latest U2 album circulating on the internet for several hours before we realize the error and peredarannya drawn. U2 and the music labels have not provided comment on the incident. But, as has been previously known, have been displaying streaming U2 album 'No Line on The Horizon' on the website MySpace, February 22, 2009 ago.

Also experienced the fate apes beautiful singer Jennifer Lopez, but the heaviness experienced from Marc Anthony's wife is not experienced as much as U2. Paper J-Lo is not copied the entire album, but one of the songs in the album project. According to contactmusic, track the latest J-Lo, entitled 'hooked On You' circulating illegally on the internet before album released.

The song is a compilation of material third album 'Greatest Hits' will be released the new April or May to come. A close friend-Lo said that Jennifer Lopez is not wait to sing again.

"J-Lo does not have to back up a patient, he has been working so hard all the time and have many projects to come," he said to the Touch Weekly.
(yla / yla)

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